Are Green Roofs for the Birds?

July 16, 2010

Bluebird House from Sustainable Pet Design

If green roofs are good enough for chickens, why not for birds, and maybe dogs? They’re eco-friendly, offer insulation, and and offer a stylish design element to your garden when you are feathering Read More…

Get Your Garden in the Mood

June 19, 2010

What mood is you garden in? Consider adding some subtle lighting to your outdoor space. Although they vary in design, quality, and price, there are a number of garden containers on the market that do double duty–functioning as plant pots … Read More…

For Your Bottom Line: Living Seating

April 4, 2010

Now that we’ve experienced living roofs–aka green roofs–and living walls–aka green walls–aka vertical gardens, all which grow something living over an otherwise concrete or plain surface, it’s time to for living furniture, not to be confused with green furniture which … Read More…

Vertical Gardens Direct From Your Grocery Aisle

March 26, 2010

With 110 transparent plastic food containers filled with leaves, branches, and a lighting source, “Packaged Vertical Gardens” climb the walls in Madrid, an urban vertical garden installation as commentary on the scarcity of available public green space.

In seeking to promote … Read More…

Edible Urban Landscapes Replace Front Lawns

November 4, 2009


The Lenape Edible Estate in front of the Hudson Guild in Manhattan was created by Fritz Haeg to provide a view back into the lives of the native Lenape people–how they lived off the land from the native edible plants 400 … Read More…

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