10 Ways to Make Halloween Come Alive

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Halloween is about things that go bump in the night, and what better way to decorate than with things that are alive! We’ve gathered ten flowers, plants (and a few other treats) to add to your Halloween décor for a unique, spooky twist on the typical. Because we know you’re anything but typical.

1. Black Parrot Tulip
This tulip blends into the night with its petal like teeth–beware its bite. (top of post) Available from Longfield Gardens 

2. Clathrus Archeri or “Devil’s Fingers”
This creepy zombie hand ‘shroom appears to emerge from its earthy tomb. (above) photo via Orimath.


3. Queen of Night Tulip
Haunting gardens for over seventy years, the Queen of Night tulip is the sum of all fears.


Available from Longfield Gardens.

4. Ghost Fern
The silvery fingers of this fern called ‘Ghost’ wait in the darkness to make you their host.


For details visit Costa Farms. Available at Lowes. Photo via lovejoyandpeas.com

5. Cactus
Fend off evil spirits this Halloween with this spiny alarm that won’t go unseen.

echeveria cactus with red ruffled edges

For details visit Costa Farms. Available at Lowes.

6. Anemone Black Eyed Beauty
Ghostly white petals surround a single black eye, it haunts your dreams and can petrify.


Available from Longfield Gardens.

7. African Mask (Alocasia Poly)
White veins run through its leaves like blood, with just one look, you’ll hit the floor…with a thud.

Alocasia-Poly-African Mask

For details visit Costa Farms. Available at Lowes. 

8. Earthen Planter
From underneath the bowels of the darkest tomb comes this earthen planter to hold any bloom.

Earthen DIY planter-from-NativeCast-

Available from NativeCast.

9. Beware of Stink Bugs
Plants beware: the one Halloween guest who refuses to trick or treat, they invade the cracks of windows and doors, oh so discreet…


RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap available via Amazon.com

10. Black Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon Planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’)
Beware the glow of a luminescent sheen, and the dark of midnight from this shiny evergreen.

Black Mondo Grass-Ophiopogon Planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

For details visit Costa Farms. Available at Lowes.

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