Eat, Play, Learn: Landscape Dinnerware for Kids

August 29, 2013 by


Designers, Elodie and Jaime of Barcelona-based DOIY think it’s ok for kids to play with their food and at the same time learn how to set the table.


Inspired by typical children’s drawings, the dishwasher-safe melamine Landscape Dinner Set brings children playfully into a real food scene, making it fun for them to learn the proper use of cutlery, while separating all the meal’s different foods (when my kids were young they did not like to mix foods on their plates.)


The plate is the house, the fork, knife and spoon are pine trees, a cloud is the dessert bowl, and a yellow drinking cup is the sun—each fitting into its place on the tray to form a complete landscape.

Now they’ll really want to eat their veggies.


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