Expandable Planter Grows With Your Plants

March 15, 2012 by

Designer Ding Liu stretched his imagination to devise this flexible planter or vase that unfolds instantly from flat to a maximum of 12″ to accomodate your growing plant. And it’s lightweight–at .35 pounds it’s great for those who like to rearrange things often move it indoors and out.

It’s designed kind of like those expandable fences used to keep pets and kids out of danger. The frame is made of an ABS injection molded plastic with 1/8″ steel rods holding a PET plastic skin with waterproof coating that’s been heat sealed to prevent leakage.

A Planter That Rises to the Occasion
It’s pretty simple to use: press it flat for storage, then pull it up to whatever size you need.

  • Rob

    There does not appear to be any logical practice application for this device. Wasted materials.

  • Kim

    I see a practical application. This might be a good idea for Potatoes. I had thought about the rounder, collapsible types. Then you can collapse them to collect your potatoes.

  • I like the look of it. I hadn’t thought about the practical applications of harvesting until Kim’s comment. Although I don’t know how many edibles it would be deep enough for.

    But I still like it a lot.

  • You could grow a mighty great leek or onion in this! Or you could mound up the dirt around the leek in the garden! Trouble is that most plants that need more mix as they grow need it at the bottom, not at the top! Except for spuds as Kim said.

  • Julia K.


    This designer has a deep misunderstanding of plants. e_e

    Kim and Kati’s potatoes and long onions may save the day, but really! I can’t imagine they were the original intention.

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  • I like the look of it. I hadnâ??t thought about the practical applications of harvesting until Kimâ??s comment. Although I donâ??t know how many edibles it would be deep enough for.

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