The Many Faces of a Planter

March 12, 2012 by

Created by Republic of Kazakhstan-based design firm, Good, Facepots are a whimsical collection of variously sized pots that feature a portrait beneath a plant, making the foliage appear like individual’s wild tresses.

From big daddy to little tot pot. 

The pots are composed of four layers, sealing images between a basic white pot and a transparent plastic shield to protect the paper portrait from water damage.

Now go get potted.

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  • Merci beaucoup pour le partage de l’article sur la trÃ?©sorerie. C’est un article gÃ?©nial. J’ai bien aimÃ?© l’article beaucoup lors de la lecture. Merci pour le partage d’un tel article merveilleux. Je tiens Ã?  dire trÃ?¨s merci pour ces prÃ?©cieuses informations grands

  • These are HILARIOUS! Are the pots actually for sales somewhere?

  • Just a note, those are not bullets. A bullet is a projectile, these are spent casings that once contained a bullet.

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