Reclaimed Perforated Sheet Metal Planter

March 6, 2012 by

One of the most interesting items I spotted at the Philadelphia Flower Show wasn’t even for sale. Michael Cullen of Lichen & Moss built this vertical planter from two pieces of reclaimed perforated sheet metal that someone gave him. He hinged them together, then placed some ordinary terra cotta pots inside to create a display item for his show booth.

You’d have to angle them to ensure the plants inside didn’t fall out, but I think this is an idea worth pursuing.

  • Amazing! It sort of looks like a huge muffin pan with the “cups” cut out. It also looks a lot of work!!! Some people are so creative!

  • Frances Ryan

    Love it. You could put a little wedge shape shim between pot and metal to keep the pot slanted.

  • lji

    Looks similar to a ‘riddling wall’ which is used for wine bottles and also for creative wall gardening.

  • Marnie Plunkett

    Nifty idea! I think adding repurposed items to the garden gives it more character. So where would a gal find herself some sheet metal?

  • Definitely a unique design. You would have to have a certain garden design to use this.

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