Table Morphs From Planter to Fireplace

February 12, 2012 by

Fashion meets multi-function: now you can accessorize your furniture like you do your outfits. New from AK47, the steel Zerino table adapts to your particular whim and environment–one moment it’s a planter, then like a quick change artist with the addition of a ready-to-assemble bioethanol burner kit, it morphs into a fireplace where you can store wood or even books below…


One Part Storage, One Part Planter, One Part Fireplace
We love easy multi-functional furniture that does the work of several pieces. Saves space, time, and dough.

Feel like an ambiance adjustment with candlelight? Indoors or out–change your mind–it’s your prerogative.

  • John shields

    I don’t know why you’d store wood when the fireplace burns bioethynol!

  • What are the size dimensions? I looked to AK47 (yikes, what a name for home products!) Agree w john about wood 🙂 thanks.

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  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Hmmm, good point John. Maybe for your outdoor fireplace? I like to feature these designs as sometimes readers, like you, offer some great feedback. food for thought.

  • Don’t care about the useless wood… it still looks awesome. I’m a sucker for anything “campfire-like.” LOVE the versatility!

  • Why not replant it somewhere else in the garden. Please, donâ??t chop it down, youâ??ll regret it!

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