Urban Mobile Wheelbarrow Bench

February 8, 2012 by

For the Dutch label Weltevree, Rogier Martens designed the Wheelbench, a mobile bench made of sustainable preserved Accoya wood. With a built-in wheelbarrow wheel, the bench is effortlessly transported.

“Moving a bench with two people has always been a chore,” explains the designer. “This is a bench you can easily manoeuvre into position. The eye-catching wheel is an invitation to find the best spot. An invitation to be active, to create your world the way you want it, time and time again.”

  • Awesome idea! And a great conversation piece for any outdoor situation. The mobility is a nice plus also.

  • Laura

    Excellent! I have amazed of your ideas. I think you respect your work and innovate new ideas. I have seen your shovels and wheel barrows which are honestly excellent! Last week I purchased some beautiful white furniture for my garden and I thought those are supreme but now I confessed that your work is really awesome! I am really jealous of you that how you do this types of work so perfectly. Whatever, To buy this wheel barrows and shovels where I have to go please.

  • This is SO cool! It’s brilliant!

  • This would be so fun!

  • Trevor

    A wonderful idea. It is just a shame that the first thing that crossed my mind was “won’t somebody just steal the bench?”. Maybe I’ve been living in Glasgow for too long!

  • Wow. Amazingly beautiful and thought provoking.

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