DIY Water and Energy Savings in a Box

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The folks at Berkeley, California’s Boost Labs came up with the concept of do-it-yourself water and energy savings solutions when they were looking for easy to install, simple to use products for their own homes. Their search resulted in some pretty great water and energy efficiency products that had small price tags but which offered big savings. Their own energy bills went down, and they felt great about conserving natural resources. So great, in fact, that they put the best combination of all the products into gift boxes and gave them to their friends and family who loved them so much, the Boost team decided to do the same for the public.

Packaged with easy DIY installation guides, each of their eight kits is designed for a different space in the home–including one your outdoor room or garden.

Garden Water Boost Box
The Garden Water Boost Box contains everything you need to reduce water usage in, you got it, the garden. The Rainfall Meter’s cup will measure up to 2″ rainfall, enabling you to save water by adjusting  your irrigation. Then the handy Water Wick prevents overwatering by measuring moisture then letting you know if your plants are really thirsty or if they’ve had just about enough.

Also inside the box are a Hose Leak Repair Kit, above, a mechanically operated Garden Hose Timer that allows you to control how long your plants get watered, and a Water Saving Garden Nozzle that enables you to select the best fit from the 6 different spray patterns, saving water with every use. For conservation in and out of the garden, there’s the Coldwater Capture, a collapsible bucket that lets you collect water from your faucets and shower as you are waiting for it to warm up.

Did you know?
A garden hose can use almost as much water in an hour as an average family of four uses in one day? Just so you are up to speed on it all, the Garden Water Boost Kit includes a Smart Water Use Book that offers 100 simple and effective tips for saving water, indoors and out. Make it easy on yourself.

  • love these water conserving ideas

  • This is a very good idea, very simple yet no doubt effective. Good job.

  • I particularly like the collapsible bucket idea.

  • Larry Hall’s Self-Watering Rain Gutter Grow System is dabomb when it comes to conserving water. Check Youtube for it, you build it yourself out of inexpensive materials. Sit back and watch your food grow!

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