Polymorphic Chaise Lounge

September 29, 2011 by

Polymorphic, a kinetic installation designed and produced by ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP, utilizes an innovative design and engineering solution inspired by the simple kinetic action of a see-saw and the reverberating motion of a Slinky.

The design is comprised of a double-sided bench which transforms through a series of 119 unique and interconnected sections into a chaise lounge and finally an interactive balance board.

These sections are connected via an inventive pivot and bolt system which allows the vertical movement of one section to be picked up by others. Activated through interaction with its occupants, this motion allows the installation to transform from a series of leveled sections into an undulating form.

Polymorphic’s transforming shape consists of six programs and an “occupiable” interior–a cave into which one can crawl.

According to the designers, the intention is to offer a new means of interaction, breaking away from the typical uses of a “bench.” From the cave to the surfboard, users are encouraged to sit, lounge, climb, jump, rock, or push the installation.

SlinkyVids-Part I from Charlie Able on Vimeo.

While the overall form of the bench forms a continuous landscape, each seating condition is designed according to ergonomic profiles to maximize comfort and functionality.

The project was conceived within Fast Pace/Slow Space, a course taught by Brigette Borders and Mark Bearak at Columbia University. The design team included Charlie Able, Alexis Burson, Ivy Chan, Jennifer Chang, Aaron Harris, Trevor Hollyn Taub, Brian Lee, Eliza Montgomery, Vernon Roether, and David Zhai.

via Bustler and Archinect.

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