Open Air Garden Cabana Studio and Hangout

August 10, 2011 by

It’s a garden lounging space, a workshop, a sunbathing and moonbathing perch. A creative retreat, a sanctuary…

By day the small al fresco garden habitat is a place to relax, create, or dine, and then, once the sun sets, it becomes an observatory for star gazing.

Woven wood roller blinds offer shade and gently filter the sun’s rays from storage shelving.

Inside, set up a small lightweight bistro table and chairs for a summer sandwich and glass of chilled lemonade.

Come evening, add a few lanterns for a luminous glow, some cushions for the upper level, put on a little music and watch the night sky.

via du côté de chez vous.


  • BEAUTIFUL! Just perfect.

  • What a perfect artist studio!

  • OK. This is THE most thought out, practical & fun design – even though it would not be for my life – – I love it! Will share –

  • Great share wonderful idea for almost any one <|;-)

  • Gail

    Oh, I seriously want one somewhere in my life!!! Thanks

  • Wow, nice design. Now this is one of the things i would definitely want in my garden.

  • That is so cool, my son would love this as a fort. It would keep him occupied for hours. Cool post thanks.

  • lucy schwartz

    Omg. I want these. All of them. Especially the art studio one. Is there an estimate of cost on each one? I would love to know that.

  • Henry

    I would love to get one of these for my kids. I am currently in Detroit, how can i get one of these and how much are they?

    Can someone please tell me? My son’s birthday is coming next month and i want this as his present.

    sasha grey

  • Dan

    Very creative, as a lawyer I am naturally paranoid and would like to see higher guard rails but other than that this is a great project.

  • Gia

    That is a great Idea!

  • I want some of those!

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