Melbourne Rooftop Garden Offers Urban Oasis

May 31, 2011 by

The rooftop garden of the Boldiston apartment in Melbourne, Australia, is an urban oasis filled with the homeowners’s collective finds, including an outdoor lamp sourced from Stockroom in Kyneton, “a birthday present from my lovely wife,”says Mark Boldiston.

The three bedroom city apartment is in original condition–with the exception of the rooftop–which was redone and landscaped in late 2009 with the help of Greenbits and Fitzroy Nursery. The ornamental metal screens offer privacy and also define the dining area with an overhead cover, from which the outdoor lamp hangs over the table.

Located in the city center–also know as The City or CBD–the apartment offers some great views, including into the windows of the Nicholas building, as well as over neighboring Federation Square.

Mr. Boldiston makes a strong case for city living.  When asked why he loves living there, he says, “We’re in the middle of the city action when you walk out the front door, but far enough removed from the hustle and bustle when we take the elevator up to our home.  We’re less than five minutes from work (no commute!!!!!!). Everything is on our doorstep – food, fashion, theatre, music, life with some of the biggest backyards in the world a short stroll away (Royal Botanic Gardens.)”

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  • julius

    Uhhhh… more like urban dumpster.

  • Love the article on the perks of City living just not sure I could live there

  • A garden up there will lessen stressful urban living….

  • So does anyone know where any of these rooftop gardens in melb yet??? Im a student photographer ands am interested in doing a project on sustainable living in the inner city. I am also willing to give any photos to anyone who would like to be involved.

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