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Even blogs need a vacation from time to time…Urban Gardens was on Playa Maroma in Mexico, about half an hour from Cancun,  enjoying a respite from the relentless east coast snow.

Tropical flowers, oh how I wish I could have brought some back!

Ah, yes, pray to the Beach Buddah! Just happened upon this during a beach stroll.

Came across this large Washingtonia Robustus, or Mexican Fan Palm.

I thought it was a Mongoose in the tree..perhaps a Meerkat? They were very aggressive, we had to watch out for our food!

Ok, I just can’t figure it out. Can anyone identify this plant for me?

I really like how the plants emerge from these logs. Want to replicate this in my own garden. They would work well too for candles, don’t you think?

He spoke to me, and although I have lived in Puerto Rico and Southern California, I didn’t remember enough Spanish to respond…!

  • Amanda

    Your unknown plant is a banana! Or Musa in latin. You can see by the shape of the flowers they are in a row like a bunch of bananas! 🙂

  • Looks like a banana flower to me.
    Beautiful pictures, lucky you.

  • Oh sorry, didn’t see that Amanda had already identified it!

  • Gorgeous pix! Did you stay at the Maroma Resort on the Riviera Maya, or is there a beach called Playa Maroma?

  • Great photograph of the banana!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Stayed at Maroma Resort, Ellen. Heaven on earth. Have you been there? It on Maroma beach or Playa Maroma.

  • Lovely photos, next time come to Australia we grow many beautiful plants and trees.

  • OH Gorgeous Photo’s and Yeah its very Loca . Great idea for Garden .Mind Blowing your this post really i loved that . plz tell me Means of “Loca” ?????
    I Think Crazy …..

  • Thaks for stopping by and taking the time to translate 🙂 I’m honoured 🙂

    How exciting with a contest! Of course I’ll have to try make a nice creative container then. For sure I’m gonna enjoy the other participants too.
    I love your blog and I’m gonna link to you today cause I think other should experience your blog too 🙂 Have a great green day!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Romantic Dinner and Ellinor thank you both so much for your kind words about the blog! I am so glad you are enjoying it, it is my love child! La Vida Loca translates to “That Crazy Life”…I take it to mean, that sort of lazy, loose, happy-go-lucky life. And Ellinor, I will be looking for your container photos!

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Thanks Maggie, I would LOVE to visit Australia! My daughter was there last May and went sky diving over the Great Barrier Reef!

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