Solar Garden Umbrella Offers Shade and Light

December 13, 2010 by

Offering the after-dark glow of a garden umbrella strung with tiny lights, this solar one does eco-friendly double duty. The Day Shade Night Light Umbrella, or DSNL Umbrella, soaks up the sun’s rays while protecting you from them while keeping you shaded during the day. The design, by Steve Yang and Che-Hsiao, incorporates a flexible solar panel through which the sun’s energy is stored in the umbrella’s frame.

Come night, the stored solar power provides light. The flexible OLED light is switched on in the handle, and its light’s intensity adjusted by turning the handle. Talk about power shade.

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  • Love it! Is it available commercially yet?

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Climate Mama, I love it too. No, this is one of those concepts in search of a manufacturer. Many great ideas out in the universe needing realization!

  • This is a brilliant idea. Can see this on the cover of Brookstone, on sale at Sharper Image, etc. It has a BIG urban gardening application, too! Containers full of tomatoes that once craved full sun will now get those extra needed hours. Even plants underneath an all-night-long door lamp have added light benefits.

  • Robin Plaskoff Horton

    Great suggestions Barbara! Also, maybe it could keep your plants safe from garden thieves–I keep hearing about these!

  • Cool! Like the “Daytime parasol, evening soft loft” by Julia Roth and Veronique Baer

  • Great suggestions Barbara! Also, maybe it could keep your plants safe from garden thievesâ??I keep hearing about these!

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