Eco-Friendly Seating Inspired By Natural Forms

November 22, 2010 by

Alexandre Marronoz’s new urban outdoor seating designs, as the designer says, “take the concept of “green” furniture a step further.” The free form designs are inspired by nature, interpreted as large stones, tree trunks, or logs “for sitting, refecting or simply breathing the fresh air.” ┬áThe pieces, made from TX Active cement,┬ádouble as urban seating and sculpture. TX Active contains a photocatalyser that speeds up the natural oxidation process of pollutants in the presence of natural or artificial light, making it more environmentally-friendly as it transforms the pollutants into compounds such as water, nitrates, or carbon dioxide.

  • Very interesting design. I wonder how big those things are?

  • Love the wonderful product and articles you feature for all of us garden growing friends

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