For Your Bottom Line: Living Seating

April 4, 2010 by

Now that we’ve experienced living roofs–aka green roofs–and living walls–aka green walls–aka vertical gardens, all which grow something living over an otherwise concrete or plain surface, it’s time to for living furniture, not to be confused with green furniture which may not have anything growing on it.

Will Oltman’s “Live Seating,” is a “a three dimensional live sculpture providing a temporary and useful park environment to beautify vacant lots and building sites.”

Oltman, along with 2B Studio designer Bruce Sienkowski, designed Live Seating to be a quick “park-ification” of vacant or “transitioning” city lots.

The Living Chair (the set includes a bench, stool, lounger, and table) is created by giving form to a formless pile of soil. Oltman achieves this with a welded wire mesh understructure made of 2” x 2” Cor-Ten steel. After creating the shape and surrounding it with soil, he wraps it with a biodegradable mesh (like the erosion control re-seeding devices often used along interstate highways.) He then adds grass seed, sod, or a hearty fast-growing ground cover to the mix, then tops it all off with a compression molded-100% recycled-pc/abs-based cushion, and leaves mother nature to complete the process.

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