Hedgerow Inspired Fencing

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The sculptural garden Honeycomb Fence, by British design company Superblue, is inspired by the organic forms of hedgerows. The fence provides a visually soft boundary while allowing small glimpses of the landscape beyond and through the undulating honeycomb structure. Shadows cast from the form change as sunlight passes across the surface and can be lit with striking effect at night.

The 200 x 200 x 80 ft.  fence comes in 6 x 6 ft. panels which can be tiled together. Each pane, made of CNC marine plywood pine timber stainless steel brackets, comes flat packed. The wood has been stained and treated for external use. For export orders, the company tries to find a local producer to reduce transportation costs, and to date they have provided this service in Russia and the US. Superblue will also provide custom design services tfor specific shapes, materials, and finishes.

The Goodwood Gate for the Cass Foundation.

A bit like the Honeycomb Fence, The Goodwood Gate, designed by Robert Frith, is a Superblue commission sited at Sculpture at Goodwood, a sculpture park specializing in 20th and 21st Century British sculpture. Situated at the entrance to Wilfred and Jeanette Cass’s home, the couple who founded the park, the Goodwood Gate provides a dramatic entrance as you drive into the grounds.



The Gate, made from powder coated aluminium, sits on a steel frame which can be opened electronically. As it rests on rails, when opened, the gate slides elegantly into the surrounding foliage then closes seamlessly into one form again.

Superblue is a UK company that specialises in projects for the built environment.

  • Sue

    Love it in theory, but if I had it in the garden I think it might make me feel seasick …. 🙁

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