Innovative Angle on Plant Watering

September 8, 2009 by


In his piece, Selfish & Devoted, Deger Cengiz, explores the boundary between experimental design and conceptual art. Cengiz physically connects a galvanized steel watering can and a pot to examine their direct relationship.


The angle of the water pouring into the pot has a direct relationship to the angle that the plant consequently grows when the watering can is at rest.



Cengiz’s Chaise-Lawn, available for $750 from Voos Furniture, is an “alive” lounge, mobile planter, and human transporter. 30″h x 18″w x 63″d constructed of wheel barrel, wood, and sod grass.

30″h x 18″w x 63″d x
wheel barrel, wood, sod grass

The chaise was part of the “Best Seats on Broadway” exhibit in New York’s Time Square.

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