Zip it Up in the Garden

July 5, 2009 by


I love people, and gardens, that don’t take themselves too seriously, those with wit and humor. Taiwanese sculptor/artist Ju Ming has created the zipper pond, a creative lotus pond and one of the feature attractions at Taiwan’s Juming Museum, located in Jinshan, an hour’s drive from Taipei City.



Complimenting the pond are his other amusing creations, the zipper rock and…


…the zipper tent. You could add livable space to your urban habitat with one of these!


I also came across this zipper vase by d-vision, a talented group of Israeli designers. Unzip and you can make room for more than a single bud.



And for the serving, this plate by Lilach Lotan.


And this set of 3 porcelain plates by urbanaddition.


Although possibly more appropriate for an indoor space, in keeping with the theme, is the Zipper Luminaire by John Niero for Justnotnormal.


  • I like your site and I really like the Zipper Pond, and I hope I’ll be forgiven for the use of the upper-case lettering as if it’s a proper noun. Somehow it feels right to view it that way.

    As for the rest of the Zipper Garden, I’ll have to think about it. Can’t say as I’ve ever been too crazy about zippers, except for the convenience of the invention.

    But you’re website here — seems pretty neat.

  • Robin

    Thanks for the compliments on the site Rhet, glad you are enjoying it. I’m not sure I have a great love of zippers either, but I do enjoy things that invite us to see things in a different way. Did you ever look at a cloud and think that it resembled an everyday object?!

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